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FAQ - Campus Role

Campus Responsibility

Principals are ultimately the instructional leader on each campus. Since technology applications instruction is required at each level, principals should take a leadership role in the submission of the Campus STaR Chart. As such, principals should:

Manage Campus STaR Chart Profile

After logging in to the Campus STaR Chart, Principals can manage the Campus STaR Chart profile by choosing Profile Update. The Principal name should be listed on the Campus Profile page along with principal email address. If the email address is incorrect, principals may correct it. Principals may also change the password for the Campus STaR Chart login by entering that password twice then choosing "Update". Up to three additional contacts may be added to assist the Principal with administration of Teacher STaR Chart accounts.


Manage Teacher List

Principals will login as the campus user with the nine digit campus number and campus password. A principal should view the Teacher List to determine accuracy of names and email addresses. Teacher usernames should be distributed to those teachers on the Campus STaR Chart Teacher List. Teacher usernames should be considered highly confidential. Principals can designate a campus leader to assist with administration of teacher accounts. However, the submission of the Campus STaR Chart is the principal's responsibility.

Update Teacher Accounts

Teacher list can be updated in two ways. Add a single teacher at a time by entering first name and last name on the Teacher List page. Or, a mass update of Teacher Lists can be done by sending a tab delimited file to the STaR Chart Helpdesk. Mass updates can be done for individual campuses or an entire district.

Edit Teacher Accounts

After updating the Teacher List, if there is a need to inactivate a Teacher STaR Chart account, choose EDIT next to the teacher name on the Teacher List and uncheck the box next to the Active indication. Teacher email addresses can also be updated at this location. Choose "Update" when done.

Monitor Teacher Profiles

When teacher are added to a Campus STaR Chart list, no email address is added. Therefore, these teachers have no email address on the Teacher List. Campus STaR Chart administrators are responsible for distributing the Teacher STaR Chart username to teachers so these teachers can create their profile.

Monitor Teacher STaR Chart Submissions

Principals should monitor the submission of Teacher STaR Charts by teachers on the campus. From the Teacher List, Principals can view the date of submission of Teacher STaR Charts.


Submit Campus STaR Chart

Principals are responsible for the submission of the Campus STaR Chart. Principals can view the Campus Home page and see the Four Key Areas of the STaR Chart along with the Focus Area titles. After teachers on the campus submit the Teacher STaR Chart, Principals will log on to the Campus STaR Chart and select "Update" from the Campus Home page.

When viewing the Focus Area for the Campus STaR Chart, principals will view one Focus area at a time. The average of all Teacher STaR Chart submissions will be indicated in red next to the particular level of proficiency for each Focus Area. Principals should view the Focus Area indicated by teachers on this Campus and make a selection appropriately. Once a proficiency level is selected, that score will be visible on the left menu bar and the next Focus Area will appear. When all twenty-four Focus Areas are indicated, the Principal will be taken back to the Campus Home page and the score for that campus will be complete.

If at any time during the course of the year, a principal opts to alter the submission of the Campus STaR Chart, which is permissible by selecting Update on the Campus Home page and making the appropriate indication. The last STaR Chart submission will be the score retained for each campus.