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FAQ - District Role

District Responsibility

The district STaR Chart administrator is responsible for managing Texas STaR Charts for the district. As such, district contact will:

Manage District Contact
District personnel change annually. Therefore districts should update their STaR Chart contact persons to reflect those changes. Contact the STaR Chart Helpdesk to add the primary district contact. Alternative contacts can be indicated on the District Profile pages.


Manage Campus Principal List
District STaR Chart administrators are able to login to STaR Chart and select Principal List.
A list of principals and their email addresses will be indicated. If there are corrections to be made please use the format below (it must be exactly as indicated) and submit the Excel attachment to and TPESC personnel will import the list into the STaR Chart system and notify the district that the task is complete.

9 digit CDN Campus Name Last Name First Name Email
999999001 Rightway HS Gonzalez Jose
999999101 Rightway El Smith Michael
999999041 Rightway MS Richardson Mary

After the principal list is uploaded, principals are able to obtain their Campus STaR Chart password via the automated system from the login page at "Forgot a Password?".

Steps to Update Principal List

  • Log on as the district user.
  • Select the Principal List.
  • Copy the principal list (no headers please) into Excel.
  • Make the necessary changes to your principal list in Excel and click the "Save As".
  • Once you have selected "Save As", name your file as your district name, and choose "Text (Tab delimited)(*.txt)". For example:
  • File name: Rightway
    Save as type: Text (Tab delimited)(*.txt)

    You will receive an error message but just continue with your process.

  • Please email the file as an attachment to:
  • The file will be uploaded to make necessary changes to the principal list including name and email address.
  • After being notified of the update of principals, districts STaR Chart Contacts can have your principals retrieve their password on the “Forgot a Password?” link on the login page.
  • After logging in, principals should update the campus password to something they can remember.


Manage Teacher STaR Chart Lists

Teacher STaR Chart Lists can be managed at the district or campus level. District STaR Chart contacts may manage teacher lists for each campus. Select Teacher List and view teachers on each campus, email addresses, STaR Chart usernames and date of submission of Teacher STaR Charts. If a teacher email address is incorrect, choose EDIT and correct the email address.

District STaR Chart contacts may choose to update Teacher Lists for some or all campuses in a district.


Manage Campus and Teacher STaR Chart Submissions

When logged in at the district level, STaR Chart administrators can monitor STaR Chart submissions.

Name CD # Email Principal Submitted Teacher%Cmplt
Rightway HS 999999001 Jose Gonzales 10/20/06 96%
Rightway El 999999101 Michael Smith N 0%
Rightway MS 999999041 Mary Richardson N 45%