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FAQ - Email Addresses


District Email
District STaR Chart administrators are considered the Primary contact for STaR Chart. Up to three additional contacts may be added of the District STaR Chart administrator opts to list optional assistants. To update the email address of the primary contact, log on to STaR Chart and update the district profile.


Campus Email
Principal email addresses can be changed in two ways.

  1. Once the principal logs on to STaR Chart by choosing Update Campus Profile.
  2. District contact can send a tab delimited text file with a list of all new principals to the STaR Chart Helpdesk for upload. That list should be sent in the following format.

9 digit Campus Number <tab> Campus Name<tab>Principal Last Name <tab> Principal First Name <tab> Principal Email Address

Districts can extract this list from the district STaR Chart login under "Principal List". Copy that list into Excel, make corrections, save as a tab delimited .txt file and email to the STaR Chart Helpdesk.


Teacher Email

Updating Teacher Email Addresses

Incorrect teacher email addresses in STaR Chart are the number one reason for STaR Chart Helpdesk inquiries. If teacher email addresses are correct, teachers can retrieve their password via the automated system on the Login page at “Forgot Password?” If teachers input the correct email address when creating their profile, verification email addresses will be returned to them within one minute.  It is important that new Star Chart profiles are created with a valid, complete email address for each teacher.

There are two methods for updating email addresses for teachers who are currently in the STaR Chart system.

  1. Manual email address update
    1. Sign on to STaR Chart as the campus or district user and go Teacher List. At this page can be found a list of all teachers for a particular campus or district. If teachers have an email address next to their name, their profile has already been created. If teacher email address is incorrect, choose the Edit option and correct the email address.
  2. Automatic email address update
    1. The STaR Chart Helpdesk can automatically update teacher email addresses. For this to happen, send a text file in the following format to The uploaded file will update email addresses for each teacher who currently has a star chart profile.

Nine digit Campus Number <tab> Teacher STaR Chart Username <tab> Teacher Correct Email Address

  1. No email address listed for some teachers?
    1. When no email address is listed for some teachers, these teachers have recently been added to STaR Chart for this campus. These teachers will have to follow the instructions for New Teacher Role before their email address will be listed on the Campus STaR Chart site.

Format of Email File for Updating:

  1. Create an Excel file with three columns
  2. First column – campus numbers
  3. Second column – Teacher STaR Chart usernames
  4. Third column – teacher new email address
  5. No extra rows, no titles on the first row
  6. Save the file. You can either send the Excel file or you can save as (change the file type) to .txt file. One of the options should be provided as tab delimited. Select this option and save the file.
  7. Email to