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FAQ - Passwords


Passwords are the number one reason STaR Chart users much contact the STaR Chart Helpdesk. Since the Texas STaR Chart is submitted typically just once annually, users should retain their STaR Chart password in a convenient location for use in subsequent years.

District Password

Districts log on to STaR Chart with their six digit county district number and e-Plan password. If that password is not known, contact the STaR Chart Helpdesk for assistance. Include the name of the district and district county district number and your title within the district.


Campus Password

Principals login as the campus user with the nine digit county district campus number and campus password previously established. If the campus password is not known, enter the nine digit campus number and the password will be sent via email to the email address of the principal listed for that campus. If for any reason the principal does not receive the password, inquire with the district contact as to whether the principal contact information (including email address) for your campus has been updated. Once principals are updated, if principals are still having difficulty receiving passwords, request assistance with the STaR Chart Helpdesk.


Teacher Passwords

Obtaining Teacher Passwords

Teachers request STaR Chart passwords by going to Click on Login and enter Teacher STaR Chart username in the box under "Forgot your Password?". If the Teacher STaR Chart username is not known, contact the principal or Campus STaR Chart contact. Campus STaR Chart administrator can provide the Teacher STaR Chart username.

Not Receiving Email for Password or Verification Email

Teachers who have an active STaR Chart profile are able to obtain their password via the "Forgot a Password?" option on the STaR Chart login page. If for any reason you are unable to obtain your password instantaneously, the teacher email address may be incorrect in the STaR Chart system. Teachers should ask their Campus STaR Chart administrator to double check the teacher email address and correct it if necessary. Campus administrators can edit teacher emails in one of the methods below.

Teachers creating new STaR Chart profiles must enter their profile information including email address, password, grade level and subject area. If for any reason, the verification email is not returned to the teacher immediately upon hitting 'submit', teachers should consider whether the email address entered was actually correct. Email addresses should be in the following format: username@domainame.domain. Example:

If unsure of the exact teacher email address, teachers should inquire with their campus administration.

A Teacher with No Email Address in STaR Chart - How to Retrieve Passwords

Create Teacher Profile

Teachers with no email address in STaR Chart do not have a STaR Chart profile. After creating the teacher profile, the teacher email address will appear on campus and district STaR Chart lists.

  1. Go to
  2. Log in to STaR Chart using the STaR Chart username provided by the principal and the generic password "password".
  3. After doing so, teachers will create their STaR Chart profile by entering:
    • their correct email address
    • a revised password that can easily be remembered from year to year
    • grade level
    • subject area.
    Then hit the submit button.
  4. Teachers will immediately receive an email verification that includes a link to the STaR Chart site. This link must be clicked in order to validate the Teacher STaR Chart account. By doing this we assure teachers have entered the correct email in their profile. If teachers are unable to click the link for any reason, it may be necessary to copy and paste the entire URL (link) in your browser address bar, then select GO.
  5. Teachers will be taken to the login page and will be able to login with their STaR Chart username and the password indicated by the teacher to complete the STaR Chart assessment.
Teachers are asked to please retain a copy of your STaR Chart username, password, and email address in a file for use next year.