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FAQ - Profiles

Each Texas STaR Chart account has a unique profile. Profiles of users in Texas STaR Chart are created in two steps. First users are added to the Texas STaR Chart system. After being added to the system, users must access Texas STaR Chart with a temporary login and create the remaining part of the profile.

District Profile

To update district profiles, send the following to the STaR Chart Helpdesk.

  • 6 digit district number
  • District STaR Chart main contact person information including:
    • First name
    • Last name
    • Email address


Campus Profile

To update Campus STaR Chart accounts, send the following to the STaR Chart Helpdesk.

  • 9 digit campus number
  • Campus name
  • Principal last name
  • Principal first name
  • Principal email address

To activate the profile of a new campus, log on to Texas STaR Chart with the nine digit campus number and no password (leave the password field blank). As the instructional leader on the campus, principals are responsible for submission the Campus STaR Chart.

If the principal opts to add additional contact persons to assist with managing Teacher STaR Chart profiles, that is permissible by updating the campus profile after logging on the Campus STaR Chart system. However, the principal should remain the main contact person for each campus.


Teacher Profile

Teacher users are added to STaR Chart in two ways. A single teacher can be added by logging on to the Campus STaR Chart from the Teacher List page. Or, all teachers can be added via mass update by campus or district. Teacher profiles begin with the following:

  • 9 digit campus number
  • Teacher first name
  • Teacher last name

When added to the campus list, STaR Chart creates a Teacher STaR Chart username dynamically. Typical Teacher STaR Chart usernames are firstname.lastname with the possibility of a number after the teacher last name. Example, john.doe or jane.doe12.

No Teacher Email Address

Teachers who are new to a campus or have never had their STaR Chart profile activated for a particular campus, will have no email address next to their username on the Teacher List when logged in at the campus level. These teachers are referred to as "new teachers" for STaR Chart purposes. Campus administrators should provide STaR Chart usernames to these new teachers with instructions to login at with the STaR Chart username and the generic password which is "password".

After logging on to STaR Chart this first time, teachers will create their profile. Teachers input their correct email address, password, subject area and grade level and hit "submit". When a teacher profile is submitted, teachers receive a verification email which includes a link that must be clicked to activate the teacher's STaR Chart profile. Clicking the link will take teachers to the STaR Chart login page. Teachers now login with their STaR Chart username and the new password just indicated.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "Login"
  3. Enter your STaR Chart username.
    1. Teachers log in with the STaR Chart username on the Teacher List accessible to principals and district STaR Chart contacts.
    2. Principals log in with the nine digit campus number.
  4. The password is password when logging in the first time for this campus.
  5. Teachers input their:
    1. Correct email address
    2. Grade level
    3. Subject area
    4. Revised password that is easy for the teacher to remember
  6. Click "Submit" and submit the profile
  7. Receive a verification email which includes a link that must be clicked.
  8. Clicking the link takes teachers to the STaR Chart Login page.
  9. Enter teacher STaR Chart username and the new revised password to enter STaR Chart.
  10. Click BEGIN to start the STaR Chart submission.

After all 24 responses are selected, teachers are taken back to their STaR Chart homepage and are done.