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OVERVIEW and Step by Step Instructions

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has been required to report on the progress of districts receiving funds from No Child Left Behind, Title II, Part D as of January 2002. Title II, Part D reporting requirements for NCLB have been documented as a part of the Texas Campus STaR Chart. The reporting requirements have been an essential part of the process for documenting progress to support continued technology funding. As of 2008, additional data at the district level is requested for districts receiving Title II, Part D funds (formula and/or competitive). Districts receiving Title II Part D funding are required to report this additional data annually.

The NCLB Technology Reporting System is used to collect the additional data for these Title II Part D federal reporting requirements. The NCLB Technology Reporting System is used to collect additional data for these Title II Part D federal reporting requirements. This district level component of the STaR Chart system is open now and will close in 2016 for the 2015-2016 school year. All NCLB data must be entered by the time the system closes in 2016 so that data can be aggregated for the school year and shared in state and federal reports.

The Texas Campus and Teacher STaR Chart reporting are separate from this district level report.

New Reporting Requirements

The additional reporting requirements consist of three sections.

Section 1 will gather the unduplicated number of computers and other devices (Internet mobile devices, portable media players, interactive tablets, interactive whiteboards, netbooks, e-book tools, and all other devices that can connect to the Internet) connected to the Internet and used primarily by students for instructional purposes that are provided by the school or LEA. The USDOE now requires that the report is collected by campus; therefore Section 1 will be completed by each campus principal.

Section 2 will be broken into Section 2a and Section 2b and will be completed by the district contact identified as the district's Texas STaR Chart lead person. Section 2a will gather student proficiencies. Section 2b will determine if the district has effectively and fully integrated technology as defined by the state and be answered with a 'Yes' or 'No'. Texas defines effectively and fully integrated as: Teachers and students have regular access to digital resources and technology tools that are integrated into the curriculum through various instructional settings.

Section 3 will gather school administrator proficiencies and will be completed by the campus principal. Only campus principals are required to complete the school administrator self assessment.

The district contact should ensure that all 3 sections have been completed by the deadline date of July 31, 2016.

Step by step instructions

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If you do not have your STaR Chart password to login, please use the field titled “Forgot your Password?” You will not be able to complete the NCLB Reporting without this password. Please contact the NCLB Technology Mailbox with any other questions you may have.