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NCLB Title II, Part D Technology Requirements
Frequently Asked Questions

Q. My understanding of the new reporting requirement is that teachers complete the Teacher STaR Chart, principals complete the Campus STaR Chart based upon teacher STaR Chart responses and principals have to complete their own STaR Chart. Is this correct?

A. Teachers and librarians should have already completed the Teacher STaR Chart for the current school year. We will aggregate that data from the STaR Chart system. The administrators will need to log on to the STaR Chart system and select 'NCLB' to access the administrator assessment instrument. Upon completion, the administrator will submit through the electronic system.

Additional information can be located at:

Q. The report wants us to give the total number of computers; however, I need to know does this include teacher computers?

A. All computers available for student use should be included in the count. Computers may be located in classrooms, labs, and/or other locations. Teacher computers can be counted if they provide students with access.

Q. How and what will be reported at the district level for Section 2?

A. Section 2 will be broken into Section 2a and Section 2b and will be completed by the district contact identified as the district's Texas STaR Chart lead person. Section 2a will gather student proficiencies. Section 2b will determine if the district has effectively and fully integrated technology as defined by the state and be answered with a 'Yes' or 'No'. Texas defines effectively and fully integrated as: Teachers and students have regular access to digital resources and technology tools that are integrated into the curriculum through various instructional settings.

The NCLB Technology Reporting System is used to collect the data for the new reporting requirements. This district level component of the STaR Chart system will open on April 13, of the school year, and close on June 30. All NCLB data must be entered by the time the system closes on June 30th so that data can be aggregated and forwarded to the United States Department of Education.

Q. I am the lead person to complete the NCLB reporting requirements. Is there a listserv that sends out correspondence about NCLB technology reporting requirements?

A. We do not have a listserv for NCLB technology reporting requirements. Our website will have instructions to complete the report but if you have specific questions, send to

Q. Will the Administrator self assessment be in the same format as the Teacher STaR Chart survey format?

A. The administrator assessment instrument will be in a similar format as the Teacher and Campus STaR Chart. For example:

Inspire a shared vision for comprehensive integration of technology and foster an environment and culture conductive to the realization of that vision.
___Early Tech (I practice this at a minimal level)
___Developing Tech (I practice at some level)
___Advanced Tech (I practice this most of the time)
___Target Tech (I practice this all of the time)

Q. Will teacher proficiency be reported from the Teacher STaR Charts?

A. Teacher and librarian/media specialist proficiencies will be obtained from the Teacher STaR Charts. They will not have additional reporting through the NCLB reporting site.

Q. Can the 8th grade literacy proficiency be a survey?

A. Yes, the student proficiency can be a survey.
They will not have additional reporting through the NCLB reporting site.

Q. What type of documentation should be kept on all of the student and personnel proficiency assessments?

A. This is a local accountability decision. Your district may already have policy guidelines in place for school documentation.

Q. Will these new reporting requirements become an annual requirement?

A. Yes, this will be an annual requirement.

Q. Is there any information available concerning Section 3 for determining technology user skills? Is there a form that we will use for each teacher?

A. The teacher and librarian/library media specialist data will be aggregated from the Teaching & Learning and Educator Preparation & Development sections of the Teacher STaR Chart. They will not be required to submit additional reporting.

The campus administrator data will be collected through the NCLB Technology Reporting System and will be based upon the overarching standards from the ISTE Technology Standards for School Administrators. Only campus principals are required to complete section 3.

These overarching standards include:

1.     Visionary Leadership: Educational Administrators inspire and lead development and implementation of a shared vision for comprehensive integration of technology to promote excellence and support transformation throughout the organization.

2.     Digital Age Learning Culture: Educational Administrators create, promote, and sustain dynamic, digital-age learning culture that provides a rigorous, relevant, and engaging education for all students.

3.     Excellence in Professional Practice: Educational Administrators promote an environment of professional learning and innovation that empowers educators to enhance student learning through the infusion of contemporary technologies and digital resources.

4.     Systemic Improvement: Educational Administrators provide digital-age leadership and management to continuously improve the organization through the effective use of information and technology resources.

5.     Digital Citizenship: Educational Administrators model and facilitate understanding of social, ethical and legal issues and responsibilities related to an evolving digital culture.

Q. Are library browsers to be counted as unduplicated student use computers?
I also assume that computers that are used for intervention programs, RTI, are also counted as unduplicated student use even though they are used for specific student populations. Is this correct?

A. They can be counted if they are used for student instructional purposes.

Q. Can we use the Teacher STaR Chart to meet the NCLB teacher technology proficiency requirement?

A. Districts do not need to report teachers or school library/media specialists. TEA will acquire that data from the current school year teacher STaR Chart data.

Q. What is the completion date for current year 8th graders?

A. The completion date for the current 8th graders is June 30.

Q. Where can I find information about the methodology as defined by the state at the end of the 8th grade? What are we to use to evaluate them or do we develop our own tool?

A. Districts will need to determine how they assess their 8th graders. They can use a commercial assessment instrument, locally developed instrument, or a portfolio assessment that is aligned with Technology Application TEKS. You can measure proficiency in a variety of ways (an exam, grade from a Technology Applications course or courses, grades from multiple courses when integrated into the foundation areas, portfolio assessment, teacher checklist, successful completion of the Technology Applications instructional materials’ activities, etc.). Students included in this report are those who were 8th graders in the current school year.

Q. I read that the campus administrator data will be collected through the NCLB Technology Reporting System and will be based upon the overarching standards from the ISTE Technology Standards for School Administrators. What is the NCLB Technology Reporting System?

A. The NCLB reporting system is a reporting system within the STaR Chart System. Once you log into the system with your STaR Chart login, there will be an ‘NCLB’ selection option that will guide you to the assessment instrument.

Contact the NCLB Technology Mailbox with any questions you may have.